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What is Futuclass?

Futuclass is an educational virtual reality game for students of all ages. The goal is to solve puzzles based in science. Knowledge learned in science classes gets a new and interesting outlet. Futuclass aims to provide practical outlets for theoretical knowledge.

As science can remain abstract without practical demonstrations. These demonstrations, or experiments, if you will are often costly to reproduce in a meaningful manner.




Why do we do this?

To date we have shown VR for over 30 000 hours in our arcades.    This provides us with plenty of experience when it comes to immersion and interaction in VR

To date we have shown VR for over 30 000 hours in our arcades.

This provides us with plenty of experience when it comes to immersion and interaction in VR


Futuclass’ team has experience in VR game development and VR arcade management.

Our involvement in educational VR started in 2017 developing an educational experience for the Estonian Rescue Services.


We know what makes an experience easy, fun and immersive.

We also know the pitfalls, which a common video game developers might fall into.


Why Virtual Reality?

Pre-made virtual puzzles save A LOT of teachers’ time!

It’s a lot more cheaper and cost-effective than buying real lab equipment!

In virtual labs you can’t get hurt when you do dangerous experiments. It is okay to fail and to learn from it.



Futuclass makes learning more complete!


Learn by doing

Knowledge and skills develop best when more senses are involved. Some subjects can be too complex, dangerous or expensive to be shown in real life.

VR removes this boundary and enables deeper learning and understanding.

Additionally, students can get personolised feedback, improving their results.


STEM Principles

Futuclass incorporates interdisciplinary approaches in it’s tasks while promoting practical problem solving skills and critical thinking.

The tasks within Futuclass are designed to be open ended - having multiple solutions to the same problems.

Better sense of place

Not only enables VR to transport students into impossible places like Ancient Rome or Mars but it also gives spacial awareness and perspective to the subject.

As human spacial awareness is exellent, we have the ability to remember things more accurately, once we see them in 3D space.


Endless learning experiences

The needed hardware to run experiments tends to expensive, costly to maintain and sometimes dangerous to operate.

Virtual reality enables us to create all the experiments and devices for the experiments without the real world costs attached.

Additionally, the software can track the student’s progress and help to taylor the experience as seen fit.




Recognized by Estonian Startup Community

Futuclass is a member of Startup Estonia EdTech.
Winner of Prototron Spring round 2019

What do people think?


”Futuclass provides exactly the kind of content— memorable, challenging, and fun puzzles— that students need to engage with and truly learn complex subjects like math and physics. In turn, it taps into the vast potential of what VR could be in the classroom, and it does it today. “
— Joh Orengo, former teacher and XR Nation Ambassador
“We are very pleased that Futuclass is creating a solution for STEM, where students can take exciting and everyday life-related experiments with today’s technology. The Futuclas team is very committed and have a definite goal of reaching their own VR educational game for all STEM enthusiasts in Estonia and around the world.”
— Inga Kõue, Startup Estonia Edtech lead
“Futuclass leverages VR’s strengths of immersion and embodied learning. Getting ‘hands-on’ with concepts is important to mastering any topic. Access to lab time may be time and resource intensive, or simply unavailable. Simulated practical lessons are a fun, flexible, and effective way to enhance learning from text.”
— Mikalyn Cavanaugh, AR/VR Sherpa


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